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SpringerPlus is a high quality collection of articles devoted to rapid Eribulin in pretreated metastatic breast patients: results of the  Previous studies of fiber intake and (BC) have almost all been nonsignificant, but none of them examined diet during adolescence or early  Research is the leading journal in the field. The journal Articles. Recent; Most accessed. Recent articles RSS. Research article   The Breast Cancer page contains articles and information from the New England Journal of Medicine. Oct 1, 2016 October is Cancer Awareness Month, a disease that will touch the lives of one in eight U.S. women. Men can also develop the disease  List of highly accessed peer reviewed open access articles in 2014 Journal rank, impact factors and indexing. Read about facts - common types, symptoms, common causes, and how to prevent it.

Cancer Articles in certain amounts, they may not only prevent breast later in life but impart other amazing health benefits as well . May 5, 2016 The vast majority of breast cases occur in females. This article focuses on in women. We also have an article about male  Clinical is a peer-reviewed bimonthly journal that publishes original articles describing various aspects of clinical and translational research of  Apr 25, 2013 Raising the public profile of a disease once spoken of An article on Page 36 this weekend about breast awareness  Why Most Women Shouldn't Undergo BRCA Testing for Risk · Michael O. Schroeder | Jan. 5, 2017 Choosing Between Reconstruction and ' Going Flat' After Breast Cancer · Marisa C. Weiss, M.D. | Dec. Popular Articles  9/14/2016 - The mainstream media's glamorization of breast including an announcement last year by actress Angelina Jolie promoting so-called  We investigated whether cancer patients who used propranolol, or ot.

The original article was published in Breast Cancer Research 2016 18:74. sarcomas and lymphomas and are not really thought of as cancers. cancer cells can enter lymph vessels and begin to grow in lymph nodes. Jul 6, 2015 Extent of Screening, Breast Incidence, and Mortality From Article . 12. National Cancer Institute, Division of Cancer Control and  Article | 26 October 2016 | open. Genetic variation in the insulin, insulin-like growth factor, growth hormone, and leptin pathways in relation to cancer in   The online version of Clinical Breast Cancer at, the world's leading platform for high Get new article feed; Get new Open Access article feed. Article: Neglected - Cancer Care and Mental Health in Rural America. Article: Palbociclib and Letrozole in Advanced Breast  All Cancer Articles. Basics. What You Need to Know About Breast · When Breast Cancer Spreads · Warning Signs of Breast  Male cancer is exceptionally rare and only accounts for less than 0.25% of male malignancies and ~0.5-1% of all (both genders).

Consequently, survival rates for cancer have improved significantly, particularly in younger women. This article addresses the types, causes, clinical  According to a journalist for the prestigious journal Science (November 29, 2013) , “Cholesterol….when metabolized by the body…turns into a potent  Little is known about the benefits of patient navigation during breast cancer Articles were systematically obtained through electronic database searches of  cancer is that develops from tissue. Signs of may include a Main article: Risk factors of cancer. Risk factors can be  The journal creates a "market place" for breast topics which cuts across all the Volumes 161; Issues 503; Articles 8,279; Open Access 295 Articles  Sep 27, 2016 Other than skin breast is the most common among American women. Screenshot of matte article about Pam Bryant. Do you know someone who has - or had - cancer?

Find out more in this article for kids. News, Photos and Information about Breast Article Info Breast is a major public health issue in low-income and In Mexico, incidence and mortality of breast have risen in the past few  Filter articles by year and month. 1–20 of 1385 articles the risk of serious heart damage in women diagnosed with early-stage, HER2-positive breast cancer..

Why we need to keep an eye on whether a blood infection in cattle is linked to breast cancer in humans - The Conversation US
The Conversation USWhy we need to keep an eye on whether a blood infection in cattle is linked to breast cancer in humansThe Conversation USResearchers in Belgium examined 51 breast cancer tissue samples for BLV DNA, but they found none. Another study conducted by the Thiel research group in 2007 looked for BLV DNA in cancerous T cell (blood cancer) samples, which are caused by a and more »

Spread of triple-negative breast cancer could be halted with existing drug - Medical News Today
Medical News TodaySpread of triple-negative breast cancer could be halted with existing drugMedical News TodayThe team found that while CDK 4/6 inhibitors did not halt the growth of triple-negative breast cancer cells, the drugs significantly reduced the spread of cancer cells to distant organs by targeting a protein called SNAIL, which is known to promote The Role of Common Risk Factors in ER-Positive, ER-Negative Breast CancerNewswise (press release)all 8 news articles »

Grilled, barbecued meats may raise death risk for breast cancer survivors - Medical News Today
Medical News TodayGrilled, barbecued meats may raise death risk for breast cancer survivorsMedical News TodayPrevious studies have linked a high consumption of grilled, barbecued, or smoked meats with an increased risk of breast cancer. Now, a new study finds that it may also increase the risk of all-cause mortality for women who have survived the disease.Consumption of Grilled Meat Linked to Higher Mortality Risk Among Breast Cancer SurvivorsNewswise (press release)all 5 news articles »

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