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Patients with early breast who are socially isolated have a higher risk of dying from their disease, a new study suggests. Get the facts about breast symptoms, which may be attributed to a number of conditions other than cancer. When present, a common early symptom is a lump in the Breast cancer survivors with good social support networks seem to live longer and to have a lower risk of their cancer returning, according to a new study. Loneliness may impede long-term breast cancer survival, a new study suggests. In the years after treatment, women who don’t have strong social ties are more likely NFL teams can now choose to support other forms of cancer in October, which is typically reserved for raising awareness of breast (CNN)Scientists in South Africa have found a link between a particular type of malaria resistance and the likelihood of metastasis in some patients.

Surgeon’s recommendation often affects women’s breast cancer choices
The rate of women having a double mastectomy surgery after diagnosis of cancer in one breast was rising steadily for a decade before Angelina Jolie famously announced in 2013 that she was having the preventive surgery, even though her doctors had not yet

A week after first hearing baby's heartbeat, mom finds out she has breast cancer
This Christmas morning, Sarah Phares is looking forward to being normal: her family in their own house, sitting on the floor opening presents with their 2-year-old and infant daughters, eating breakfast. And she will experience the simple joy of her baby

Yale doctor: Breast cancer test helps determine who will benefit from long-term therapy
NEW HAVEN >> Women with a common form of breast cancer can receive better advice about whether to undergo long-term therapy because of a new genetic test, according to a Yale School of Medicine doctor. Dr. Tara Sanft, medical director of the survivorship

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