how serious is prostate cancer

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Ryan O'Neal's Prostate Cancer: How Dangerous Is Stage 2 Prostate Cancer?
"Love Story" actor Ryan O'Neal, 70, revealed late last week that he has been diagnosed with stage 2 prostate cancer, according to news reports. O'Neal said in a statement issued to People that the cancer was found early, and that his doctors have given him

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High-grade Prostate Cancer: The REDUCE trial was a the guidelines SHOULD say Because of the potential for serious adverse reactions and now going miss nursing infants, a decision should be made whether to discontinue nursing or we self medicate or

Why biotech celeb Craig Venter’s prostate cancer story should be read with healthy dose of skepticism
are found to have “serious disease,” and 20 percent have life-threatening disease.” Actually, that sounds on the low side. Really. Even just for prostate cancer. A look at autopsy studies indicates that more than a third of men about Venter’s age

Our Microbiome: Emerging Data on Cancer Risk and Treatment
Inflammation triggered by pathogenic gut bacteria may lead to prostate cancer. A healthy diet is a good first step While a little knowledge is dangerous, when it comes to the microbiome it can be lifesaving. Understanding exactly how microbes intersect

Light therapy 'a huge leap forward' for early prostate cancer treatment
U.S. men will develop prostate cancer in their lifetime The disease is most common in men aged 65 and older While prostate cancer is serious, most men with the disease do not die from it. For their phase III trial, Prof. Emberton and colleagues

Researchers Use Light to Treat Early-stage Prostate Cancer
The work was carried out at 47 European treatment sites involving 413 men. The chances of the prostate cancer progressing to more a more serious stage were three times lower in the light therapy group, compared to patients without that treatment.

Laser-activated drug offers new hope for prostate cancer treatment
Their chances of cancer progressing to a more dangerous stage were three times lower, treatment doubled the average time to progression to 28 months, and only 6% of patients needed radical therapy -- where their prostate would either be removed or

Tens of thousands are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year, so how often should YOU go for a screening? Our expert gives his advice on tests and treatments
However, prostate cancer does not typically cause those symptoms This typically involves surgery and radiotherapy and can result in serious complications such as bowel and urinary problems and sexual dysfunction. You refer to two screening methods

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